Responsive WordPress Website Development

At E-Socialite, we build beautiful websites that are robust and accessible across multiple devices.


Anytime. Anywhere

One site with real-time adjustments.

E-Socialite produces responsive websites. This means that no matter what kind of device is accessing your website (phone, tablet, laptop, desktop), the website will look as if it were built for that exact device. Even if the parameters of the browser changes (say you rotate a tablet sideways), the site will automatically adjust in real-time to make sure your visitors have the best browsing experience possible.


Specializing in WordPress Website Development

Powerful. Reliable. Simple.

WordPress websites are a type of website that is rapidly increasing in popularity, powering some of the largest websites in the internet today. Some of the features of the WordPress websites we build include:

Dynamic Content

Your website data is pulled from a database, and dynamically assembled on the webpage, depending on what your website visitor is trying to access. This means you can archive content by category, easily add an unlimited amount of pages, and keep your website media stored in an easy to access location. In fact, the website you’re reading this on is proudly powered by WordPress!

Powered By You

WordPress utilizes user logins, meaning the client (you) can have access to edit the content, if you’d like. Not only can WordPress effortlessly handle multiple users, but all edits are saved as revisions, allowing you to backup and restore your web content as needed.

No Fear of Change

WordPress website data is stored in a database, and only accessed when it is needed. This data is passed through template files which tell it how to display on the site for the end user. Because of this structure, WordPress sites can easily and relatively inexpensively change their look without having to rewrite all new content.


We can show and hide certain features of your website depending on the kind of device people access your site on. As an example, we can set up a “Click to call” button that shows up for mobile devices with phone call capabilities, but will be hidden to desktop users.

That’s Not All

Check out our other web services.


E-Commerce Websites

We offer our clients the ability to sell their products and services right through their website. E-Socialite’s e-commerce websites use the latest technology to organize products, manage transactions, and offer a secure checkout feature to your online store’s visitors. Our ability to customize features such as real-time shipping costs via specific carriers make us the perfect solution for your e-commerce website.


Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Search Engine Optimization, commonly called SEO, is important for anyone looking for an ROI on their website. A properly optimized website will drive traffic to your website when someone searches for your offered product/service, but may not know about your brand. Because SEO guides are always changing, partner with E-Socialite to stay on top of these changes and make sure your website is being found.


Social Media App Development

Instead of exclusively trying to drive users to your content from social media sites, E-Socialite can develop custom applications that allow you to place your content in front of users on social media. Whether you are looking to drive users to signup for a webinar, join e-mail lists, or something completely, we have the experience with social media websites to custom build a solution that meets your needs.