Skills: Web Design, Logo Design


FLEXonline is a membership-based online fitness program that provides workout videos, and nutrition/health tips through a blog.

About The Project

FLEXcity Fitness is a Lansing, MI based fitness studio that offers a unique FLEX56 workout in a group setting. When we first met with them, their brand was already established, and they wanted us to add a membership functionality to their existing website.

After examining how their existing website was put together, we determined it would be better to start from the ground up using WordPress. The FLEXonline website that E-Socialite built features regularly scheduled workout videos that members can sign up to view. Additionally, we created a supporting FLEXonline brand identity, with a separate logo for their online services.

Membership content is hosted on a popular Content Delivery Network (CDN) for faster load times, the website is optimized for the search engines, and E-Socialite produced all of the workout videos, start to finish.

Our Role

Our responsibility included building an online membership website. The brand look and feel had to remain consistent with what was already in place. We provided the following services to them:

  • WordPress Website (with membership functionality)
  • FLEXonline Logo
  • Workout Videos (shot, edited, and uploaded)
  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO) from the Stellar SEO
  • E-Mail Marketing

Notable Results

  • Thousands of unique visitors each week visiting FLEXonline
  • Organically ranked in top 3 on Google search for “Lansing MI Gym” (their location and service offered) in a very competitive market
  • Website is 100% responsive, making the browsing experience beautiful on any device
  • Seamlessly expanded the brand to include a Grand Rapids, MI location
  • Integrated class scheduler and sign up for people interested in classes in studio
  • Social integration of Instagram and Twitter

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