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Using Pinterest With JS Lightbox in WordPress


This blog post will teach you how to customize the placement of a Pinterest “Pin It” button, particularly when you are using a JavaScript lightbox.

So this problem came to be while I was working on a photography portfolio add on section to one of our client’s sites. The website featured a full width masonry-style layout of images, with each image opening in a JavaScript lightbox when clicked.

The client asked me to add Pinterest functionality (seems reasonable), so I accepted the challenge and was off to the races!

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Display Number Of Facebook Comments On WordPress Articles

Well, to fully replace, function for function, the WordPress comments feature on your WordPress website, you would need to be able to tell WordPress how many Facebook comments you have on each article. In many WordPress themes, this number is represented on the blogroll, and will sometimes even feature a link that jumps down to the comments. Let’s take a look at how to get that built.

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