Most Popular WordPress Plugins

WordPress offers today’s web designers and developers virtually unparalleled flexibility and extendability when building a website. It’s humbling to step back and and realize how simple it can be to use a software such as WordPress, that offers so much in terms of customization, stability, and security.

WordPress Plugins Make Life Easier

As stated on the official WordPress website, plugins can extend WordPress to do almost anything you can imagine.

Because WordPress is an open source software, there is a number of free plugins that users can download and install onto their site, many times replacing hundreds of hours that it would take to build the same functionality from the group up. This is the biggest benefit everyone receives from having such a strong online WordPress community.

Today we celebrate you, oh WordPress plugin. The humble servants and extensions, that operate on so many of WordPress’ 75+ million websites. Ladies and gentlemen, I give you “30 Most Popular WordPress Plugins” (brought you to you by the folks over at


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