WordPress Tutorial Videos

This blog entry will feature some WordPress training videos, that are broken up into sections based on the content being taught. The idea is for E-Socialite clients and website visitors to have an access to quick WordPress tutorials so they can manage some of the basic functions on their sites.

Video Library

Add an image from Media Library

Add an image from your computer

Add heading style to a post or page

Add image from URL

Add links to a sidebar

Upload media to media library

Pages vs. Posts

Add New Page

Add New Post


Add Paragraphs to Posts & Pages

Introduction to the WordPress Admin Bar

Approving & Editing Comments

Working with Categories

Introduction to the WordPress Dashboard

Delete an Image from a Post or Page

Edit Image in a Post or Page

Editing Posts or Pages

Edit Links

Creating Playlists

Introduction to Post Excerpt

Set Featured Image

Creating Hyperlinks

Introduction to the Image Editor

Introduction to Link Categories

Ordered & Unordered Lists

Introduction to the Media Library

Embed videos, images & media

Working with Quick Press

Replace Images

Restore Page from Trash Folder

Restore Post from Trash Folder

Working With Tags

Intro to the Visual Editing Toolbar

Trash a Page or Post

Introduction to Widgets

Introduction to Menus

Change Theme

The Customizer

Image Galleries

Create & Edit Users

Change Password on the Your Profile Page



Running Updates